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Ambulance transports

Ambulance transports

We specialize in performing several types of ambulance transport. In case you find yourself in a situation that makes it impossible for you to transport yourself to your final destination due to e.g. physical injury, health condition, distance from a medical facility, we are available to ease your problem.


We offer non-emergency ambulance and medical transport à

  • Non-emergency transports are the transports of patients who, due to their health condition, require the accompaniment or medical care of professional staff. We perform them with ambulances and professionally trained personnel.
  • Medical transports, which we perform with personal vehicles, are the transports of patients who do not need an escort or medical care by professional staff during the transport.


The advantage of private transportation is your peace of mind and safety, which are of primary importance. The ambulance will pick you up at the exact agreed time with professional and friendly staff, while providing safe and comfortable transport.


Call us to find a suitable transport for you together.